Window Boxes

Window Boxes
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Product: Window Boxes
Shapes / Styles: Different Shapes & Styles Available.
Stocks: 100 lb Cover Stock, 120 lb Cover Stock
Colors: 4/0, 4/1, 4/2, 4/4
Finishing Options: Laminated Glossy or Matte
Availability: Available, Customizable
Assembly: Ships Flat, Ground Shipping is Free
Key Features: Simple, professional and classy window boxes. Ideal for presentation. Can be customized in any shape and any size. foil stamping, embossing raised ink and special ink printing can be applied.
Alternate Names: custom window boxes, window box packaging, boxes with windows packaging, custom printed window boxes, retail packaging window boxes


Window Boxes printed with your business name, logo and contact information. Custom Logo Printing, Die Cut & Foiling, Free Shipping & Designing.

Custom window boxes are offering exclusive edge of orientation about your selling product because these boxes give a reliable source to see the product through a window and customer can glimpse the product through clear cellophane paper or plastic window. These boxes can customize according to the product there are wide range of boxes with windows packaging  that can represent various products and can be design with die cut, telescoping, gift, and customer window soap packaging with different size that required on affordable price. These custom printed window boxes give your product a direct impression marketable touch and customer can see closely what they are getting or buying. These products are could be cosmetics, hardware, food, medicines, or even clothing and many more available in the market. In addition to providing a shield and protection to the covered product, appropriate packaging adds value to products.
In our routine life, we come across many types of boxes and see a variety of boxes around us. Everything we buy comes in a box which is very carefully made for the product and it complements the product. These boxes are the compulsory part of a product and also play a part in increasing the life of the product. But one type of box that is available in almost every category of boxes is window box.Custom window boxes are just like other boxes; the only difference is that they have a transparent sheet in the middle of the box which acts as a window for the user to have a look at the product. Every company delivers some products in these type of boxes as they look more beautiful. Another reason of packaging window boxes being used by the companies is that most of the place is covered by this window and the other part demands less printing. This may help in reducing the cost of the product other than increasing the class and beauty of the product.

The basic purposes for which custom window boxes are used are mentioned below

-They can reduce the cost of the product and help the company earn more profit.
-They help the customer in having a look at what they are buying and help them analyze the original product.
-The provide a new look to the product because they are a bit different from the old traditional boxes.
-They help in making the customer feel more satisfied and loyal to the company.
-They also help the customer in getting an idea that whether the product is perfectly fine or there are some broken products in the box.

Custom window boxes are made in accordance with the size and shape of the product. Their colors are also set in a way that they complement the product and help in bringing out a new look of the product. Colors are kept very eye catching and attractive, so, the customers are compelled to buy these products. Moreover, the kids are also attracted towards these colorful boxes and show a special affection towards these boxes. Packaging window boxes have also brought a change in the old fashioned way of packing things in a simple way, adding more glamor to the product and hence resulting in the greater sales of the product.

There are various types of boxes with windows packaging which are present in the market and can be easily seen and bought from the market.

They include:

Single window boxes (there is a single window present in the center of the product through which you can just have a glimpse of the product present in it)
Boxes with two or three windows (there are mostly two windows and the product is also divided into compartments)

Windows with a base (there is the base of the card and the whole top is made of the transparent sheet which helps the user to get a whole view of the product.

Our company provides a complete range of custom printed window boxes. These boxes are made of premium quality material and with very beautiful colors. We have been the top window box packaging manufacturers for the past few years and have satisfied almost every customer through proper service and good quality. We also make custom window boxes, all you need to do is just provide us with the design you want and our capable staff will help you in getting what you want.

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