Seal End Boxes

Seal End Boxes
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Product: Custom Seal End Boxes
Shapes / Styles: Different Shapes & Styles Available.
Stocks: 16pt, 18pt, 24pt, White Kraft, Brown Kraft, Corrugated Stock and other specific stocks such as Linen and silver stocks.
Colors: No Printing, CMYK Full Color Printing, CMYK + PMS Color Printing, Silver or Gold Metallic Colors
Finishing Options: Laminated Glossy or Matte, Spot UV, Aqueous Coating, Gold Foiling and Silver Foiling.
Availability: Available, Customizable
Assembly: Ships Flat, Ground Shipping is Free
Key Features: Simple, professional and classy custom seal end boxes. Ideal for presentation. Can be customized in any shape and any size. foil stamping, embossing raised ink and special ink printing can be applied.
Alternate Names: Custom seal end cardboard boxes, custom size full seal end boxes


Seal End Boxes printed with your business name, logo and contact information. Custom Logo Printing, Die Cut & Foiling, Free Shipping & Designing.

Seal End Boxes
In packaging, delivery is a critical part. Your customers want their purchasing product in a proper and good condition. It is necessary to make a long lasting relationship with your customer. Otherwise, they do not take interest in your product. The poor packaging can disappoint your customer. Your packaging should ensure that your orders are delivered with protection and minimizing damage. Sealed end boxes are the more advanced approach to support the company brand and to improve the customer skills.

Benefits of using sealed end boxes

Keep your products parts together

Products that come in many parts need sealing. Also, the products having small pieces need sealing because, without it, they could be lost easily. Our top quality sealed end boxes protect your products partly of breaking them during shipment because they are well-sealed boxes will guarantee no damaging during delivery.

Labeling and Advertising sealed end boxes

Without packaging, a product cannot identify.  Identifying information with the promotional material is necessary for secure packaging.  Through sealed end boxes, Packaging you can carry your business information and other details that can help the sale of the product and storage. It increases the consumer trust on your brand. They will definitely search your product next time.

Transport Protection

In transport, there are many surprises or hits which could damage your products during transportation. Sealed end boxes are used to avoid leakage and spoiling during transit, especially for sensitive, delicate and food items.


Some items, packaging especially food items need airtight sealing to prevent any pollution or liquids relating.  Sealed end box packaging will protect against the interference of dirt, moisture, and other particles that could allow becoming damaged.  Good packaging seal on the product in question as well as seals out the elements.

Storage Efficiency

Our well-designed sealed end packaging boxes can be stacked and stored safely in supermarkets.  If the question is to sell the product in public, then a secure and tightly-sealed packaging is necessary.  It is the only solution for arranged on shelves. Sealed end boxes are best for storage for a long time.

We help you to sell your products correctly.  For information or any question, you have to visit our website our consumers service operators are there for your help and answer your queries. So feel free to contact us with!

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